Important information about costs for creating and hosting your website.

As you can imagine designing and building a website can be a complex process. This is usually the main reason people employ an agency like Noize to do it for them.

At Noize we treat every project like it is our own and we take pride in delivering amazing work on behalf of our clients. As part of this we want to make sure you are aware of the processes involved as well as any additional costs that may not be explicitly mentioned at the time of quoting, as there are often several options available that we may not know until after we have started the project.

Our quote for building a website includes the time and expertise to design and put together a working site based on the information you have provided.


To make a website live there are a few extra things that have to happen.

Domain Registration Renewal $60*/year

A domain is your website address, you will usually purchase this from a domain host like Crazy Domains or GoDaddy. Your Domain hosting is a yearly fee you pay to the company you purchased your domain from so that you may continue to own it. If you would like us to purchase and setup a domain for you we charge $60* per year for Domain Registration.

Website Hosting $30 - $79*/month

​Your website is made up of lots of images and information. This all needs to be stored somewhere online so people around the world can view your new site. Hosting companies charge a monthly fee for the server space used to store and access your website. Depending on the platform required to build your website and the features it requires hosting can range from $30*/per month to $79* this does not include any third party subscriptions for plugins for your website.

Automation from $30*/month

Sometimes your website will require some advanced features such as automation, this might be automatically replying to leads, adding in an enquiry directly into your CRM or sending complex automated quotes. 

This usually requires the use of automation software, such software can cost hundreds of dollars per month. We use an agency account and spread the costs across many clients, in the event your site does require any automation we charge $30*/month

Site Migration POA

Every quote we provide (unless specified) is based on building your website in our infrastructure. This means we will use our agency level account to create and host your website. This is an industry standard practice to make sure we have easy access to your site during development as well as after in the event of any issues or updates that you may require. If you require us to migrate your site to a different platform or host then we will provide a quote based on the size and complexity of the website and the time required to migrate it.

1300/1800 Numbers & IVR Costs 

1300/1800 monthly subscription starts at $30*/month.
IVR service starts at $65*/month + voice recording and maintenance costs.


If you are unclear if any of these costs apply to your project please speak to us and we will happily clarify. *All prices quoted are + GST