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Mary Leishman

Strategy, Branding, Website Development, Video Production

Our Unique Approach

Our approach was ideal for transforming the traditional screenprinting business of PSI Screenprinting into the edgy and modern brand DRKLBL. We gave them a street edge and an impactful brand kit and website, perfectly aligning their image with the cool companies they work with.

The Success Story

From the ashes of conventional screen printing rose the phoenix of DRKLBL, thanks to the magic touch of Noize Agency. We injected their brand with a shot of urban cool, delivering a sleek new identity and website that stood out from the crowd like a neon sign in a sea of monotony. Mary Leishman's business is now armed and dangerous, ready to run with the big dogs of the industry.

Noize Agency embarked on a project with an innovative screen printing company, aiming to revamp their brand and digital presence.

The team leveraged their creative expertise to devise a cutting-edge identity and website that exuded urban chic. This revitalized look positioned the company as a standout presence in a sea of competitors, empowering it to compete at a higher level within the industry.

The collaboration with the company's leader, Mary Leishman, resulted in a dynamic transformation, equipping the business with the tools to thrive in its market.