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Chinese Playtime

Kristen Czyszek

Brand and communications strategy, book design, character design, and web development.

Our Unique Approach

Our approach was ideal for Kristen Czyszek, as we understood the importance of creating a brand and strategy that not only appealed to a broader market but also stayed true to her core values. This ensured that her book, Lulu & Lenny Learn English, resonated with a wide audience, leading to a successful sell-out of the first run.

The Success Story

Chinese Playtime's success story speaks for itself - with the help of Noize Agency, Kristen Czyszek's Lulu & Lenny Learn English has flown off the shelves, leaving readers eagerly awaiting more. By blending our unique blend of brand and design with Kristen's vision, we've created a dynamite combination that resonates with the masses. The results are loud and clear - Chinese Playtime's future is looking brighter than ever.

Once upon a time, a passionate and forward-thinking individual by the name of Kristen Czyszek had a vision to create an engaging and impactful learning experience for children. Recognizing the growing demand for educational materials that are both stimulating and effective, Kristen set out to develop a series of educational books that focused on teaching English in an exciting and innovative way.

At the same time, the creative minds at Noize Agency were on the lookout for ambitious projects that aligned with their mission to bring fresh and captivating content to the market. When they stumbled upon Kristen's vision for Lulu & Lenny Learn English, they immediately recognized its potential and were eager to collaborate. After a series of meetings and brainstorming sessions, a partnership was formed to bring Kristen's vision to life.

The collaboration between Kristen and Noize Agency was a harmonious fusion of creativity, expertise, and passion. Noize Agency's talented team of designers and brand specialists worked tirelessly to craft a captivating and visually stunning identity for the Lulu & Lenny brand. Their innovative approach to design and branding breathed new life into Kristen's educational concept, creating a product that was not only educational but also visually appealing and engaging for young readers.

The launch of Lulu & Lenny Learn English was met with a wave of excitement and positive feedback. The unique blend of Kristen's educational expertise and Noize Agency's creative vision resonated with audiences far and wide, leading to a surge in demand for the books. The success of the initial launch paved the way for a series of follow-up projects and expansions, as the partnership between Kristen and Noize Agency continued to flourish.

As word of the Lulu & Lenny series spread, the future of Chinese Playtime began to look brighter than ever. The collaboration between Kristen and Noize Agency had not only created a successful product but had also opened the door to new opportunities and ventures within the educational market. With their combined dedication and innovative approach, the sky was the limit for the continued success and growth of Chinese Playtime.