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Naked Accounting

Michael Jeffriess

Business Growth Strategy, Branding, Website Development, Content Strategy

Our Unique Approach

Our bold and unfiltered approach was ideal for Michael Jeffriess and his venture into Naked Accounting. By crafting a business growth strategy, revamping their branding, and developing a raw and unapologetic website and content strategy, we propelled Naked Accounting to fast growth, a national presence, and multiple industry accolades. Our approach perfectly aligned with the innovative and unapologetic vision of Naked Accounting, setting it apart in the competitive world of accounting.

The Success Story

From a modest name like Accountis to the boldly brazen Naked Accounting, Noize Agency helped Michael Jeffries revolutionize his accounting firm. By crafting a fearless brand and developing a captivating website, we catapulted him to national acclaim. Our no-holds-barred strategy led to rapid growth and multiple industry accolades, proving that sometimes the best way to stand out is by stripping it all down.

Noize Agency's partnership with Michael Jeffries, the founder of Accountis, brought about a transformative rebranding effort. Recognizing the need for a bold and disruptive presence in the accounting industry, Noize Agency leveraged its expertise to create the concept of Naked Accounting. The rebranding initiative involved extensive market research, creative brainstorming, and a meticulous design process to develop a compelling brand identity and a captivating website.

As the rebranding efforts took shape, the launch of Naked Accounting made waves in the industry, garnering attention for its fearless approach and innovative messaging. The clever fusion of professionalism and audacious branding resonated with a wide audience, propelling Naked Accounting to national acclaim.

With Noize Agency's unwavering support, Naked Accounting experienced rapid growth, expanding its client base and gaining recognition through various industry accolades. The collaborative efforts between Noize Agency and Michael Jeffries culminated in a remarkable success story, demonstrating that daring reinvention can truly disrupt and elevate a business in unexpected ways.